• We love this chic wooden pencil, which has Monkey Haven written on it in our lovely lettering, and a handy rubber at the top! Maybe you'll use it to draw your favourite monkey - and if you do, please share it with us on social media! This item will look handsome in any pencil case and it also makes a special addition to the top pocket of a shirt. All the money that we make from our online shop will help to support all the animals you'll meet at Monkey Haven. Is it time to pencil in another visit to come and see us soon? We hope so!
  • Now here's a cute little gift - our Gorgeous guide book! This brilliant 28 page booklet is packed with fun and facts about monkeys, owls and meerkats. You can get a PhD in Monkeyology, find out all about our groovy Grivets, read A day in the life of Monkey Haven, and ooh and ahhh over our Star Monkeys and Brilliant Birds. If you can't bear to give it away, then keep it for yourself, and leave it lying around to impress your friends - it's a very versatile item that looks outstanding on any coffee table. It's only £1.50 - and all proceeds will go towards the rescued animals and birds that you'll meet at Monkey Haven. So chop chop, while stocks last!
  • These keyrings are from our 'cheap and cheerful' range - and frankly look much more expensive than they actually are, thus making them an excellent little gift! Each keyring shows an animal or bird at Monkey Haven, plus we've added in a fun slogan. Whether you want to say 'I love you' or 'Wild thing', we've got it covered. The keyrings are double sided - and on the reverse is a groovy graphic of the Isle of Wight, with the Monkey Haven logo. They are smartly attached to a deluxe presentation board. The price is just £2.50 and all proceeds will go towards helping us care for the gorgeous creatures you'll meet at Monkey Haven.
  • You couldn't ask for any more in a pen. This stylish item has everything going for it with its sleek lines, smooth writing action and distinctive Monkey Haven branding. The ink is black, which is bang on trend. Plus you can choose between the gold, blue, pink and purple models - or make the ultimate stationery statement and snap up the lot. These ballpoint pens make great little gifts - but we bet you'll want to keep them for yourself. All proceeds will go towards caring for the gorgeous creatures you'll meet at Monkey Haven. Isn't that something to write home about?
  • These super cool fridge magnets come in a range of hot designs. They are presented on a funky backing board, and make a splendid addition to any kitchen. Give a fridge a makeover with one or more of the following designs...
  • Get yourself a handmade, artisan owl - crafted by Don Walser, who also made Monkey Haven! These little raptors are about as big as your little finger and will add a unique flourish to your festive tree, mantlepiece, on your bookbag, in your hair, or wherever you'd like to put them. Each one is slightly different, and they're all gorgeous. You get one owl for £5 which helps to support Monkey Haven.
  • These cute keyrings make great little gifts - and they're perfect for party bags. These lovely artisan keyrings were made by Don Walser - who also made Monkey Haven! They're inspired by gorgeous Groot, the Eurasian Eagle Owl who's a favourite with our visitors.
  • Enjoy your favourite brew in your very own Monkey Haven mug - and get a glow from knowing that all proceeds will support the amazing rescued animals that we care for. You'd be a mug not to snap one up - or get a few, for your friends and family!
  • Groovy gift card

    Give a Monkey Haven gift card this Christmas. This highly desirable item will enable your loved ones to spend, spend, spend in our gift shop or tea room - or pay for admission tickets. Proceeds will go to our rescue animals, so a big thank you from us all!
  • Anyone fancy a cuddle? These adorable toys are waiting to be loved and are looking for new homes. Pick between the gorgeous beige Gibbon, the incredible Orangutan or the awesome Snowy Owl. They all stand proud at 28cm high and come complete with a Monkey Haven scarf and gift tag. So go on... pick one. Or two. Or is three the magic number? All proceeds will go towards supporting the creatures you'll meet at Monkey Haven. So as well as your cuddly toy, you'll get a feel good glow!
  • WOW! Grab a free gift when you take out membership - as our little present to you. It's to thank you for supporting the work we do, caring for animals in crisis.
    Join the party - and get a great deal with our new Monkey Haven membership scheme. With every membership, you’ll be sent a little card which will give you unlimited visits to Monkey Haven for a whole year – that’s a lot of fun! Plus, if you snap up this deal now, you’ll get a great freebie thrown in - a free cuddly toy with a scarf, worth £7.50. Choose between a 15cm monkey (black), gibbon (beige), owl or meerkat. Child membership - £35 Adult membership - £45 1 adult, 1 child - £75 2 adults, 1 child - £115 2 adults, 2 children - £135 2 adults, 3 children - £160 Plus with all memberships, you'll receive...
    • 10% off in our shop and tea room when you show your card.
    • A fabulous guidebook.
    • A VIP invitation to an annual Members' Day at Monkey Haven.
    Everyone who buys annual membership helps to support the work that we do, caring for animals in need. All proceeds go towards paying for food, medical bills, and treats for our gorgeous monkeys, birds and reptiles. We hope you'll have a great time and come again... and again... and again.
  • Wow, this is an awesome experience - and a bargain too! How would you like the chance to join our team of animal Keepers and help look after our primates and birds of prey? You'll be sent a gift card, inviting you to book in for your special day. Your day as a Keeper will be packed with fun from 9.30am-3pm - it will give you an incredible insight into life at the Haven and a rare opportunity to get up close with all our wonderful residents. This is a great gift for a landmark birthday or a real treat for yourself. You will get to…
    • Work alongside a friendly and experienced Keeper all day.
    • Wear your own exclusive 'Keeper for the day' T shirt which you can take home as a souvenir.
    • Prepare the animal feed.
    • Hand feed some of our smaller primates.
    • Help clean out the enclosures.
    • Enjoy animal encounters.
    • Assist with the Keeper talks/feeds.
    • Tuck into a free lunch at Xhabu's Tea Room.
    When it's home time, you will be presented with a goodie bag containing a Monkey Haven mug and pen, and digital photos of your day on a souvenir memory stick. If you book two Keeper experiences - you'll get two of everything - two experiences, two goodie bags and two T-shirts... plus you'll save money! You'll need to carry out your experiences on the same day to benefit from this bargain but what a lovely present this would make for that special person in your life. So chop chop, add one or two to your basket now - and then you or your lucky friends and relatives will have a year to book your experiences. All the money that we raise from this scheme will go to our charity. You will be helping to support all the gorgeous animals that you'll meet - and enabling us to care for even more creatures in crisis in the future. We hope to see you soon! *Terms and conditions apply. To take part, you need to be aged 16 or over. You will be given a health and safety briefing at the start of the day. If you book the double deal, you’ll both need to go on the same day – that’s double the fun!