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Talk times

10.30am – Reptile rendezvous

Ssssay hello to our snakes and their cold blooded friends.

11.15am – Monkey Brunch

It’s feeding time for the lovely Langurs, Lemurs and Lars.

12pm – Have a Hoot with the Owls!

Get up close with one of the Haven’s hand-reared owls. Learn all about these magnificent creatures and ask any questions you like.

12.45pm – Meerkat Mayhem

Watch these cheeky creatures catch crickets for lunch.

1.30pm – Monkey Lunch

Watch the messy Macaques and cute Capuchins tuck into their specially prepared meals… yum!

2.15pm – Have a Hoot with the Owls!

Meet one of the Haven’s hand-reared owls and learn cool raptor facts.

3pm – Monkey Supper

The final monkey talk introduces you to the singing Siamangs and Mueller’s Gibbons. You’ll also meet the very cool Colobus monkeys and their housemate Djebra, the pampered Red-Tailed Guenon, who’s the boss of them all.

All talks are subject to the weather… monkeys don’t mind a bit of rain, but some of them don’t like storms!