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‘This popular animal sanctuary is fully accessible, has accessible toilets and parking, and offers concessions along with free entrance for carers.’
Lifestyle magazine, for Motability Scheme customers, May 2019

Disabled access

We want every one of our visitors to have a wonderful time, with access to all the facilities that they need. That’s why Monkey Haven has full disabled access. Please contact us if you have any questions before you come or would like us to make any special arrangements for you. We are listed on Euan’s Guide and would be grateful if you would like to leave a review, too, or please get in touch with us directly with any comments about your visit.

We have wide flat paths suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs and people with limited mobility.


Directions to Monkey Haven are available here.

Coming by bus

Catch the number 9 bus from Newport or Ryde (via Staplers/Monkey Haven – and not via Fairlee). Ask the driver to stop at Monkey Haven. There is a bus stop located within 100m of our entrance and a wide gravelled pathway will take you to us. Signs will lead you in.
For information on bus routes and times, visit
This way please! You’ll see our signs on the road and they’ll welcome you into Monkey Haven.


The Haven’s car park is free and can accommodate up to 60 vehicles. During busy periods, the overflow car park is also used which can hold a further 40 vehicles. Parking spaces closest to the Haven’s entrance are signposted as disabled parking. These spaces are within 30m of the entrance and have been positioned next to a flat level concrete walkway to optimise accessibility. There is also a drop-off point directly outside the entrance. The doors on the entrance are held open for the duration of the Haven’s opening hours and are 1900mm wide. You will pass through another door before entering the park.

The disabled spaces are very near the entrance.

A warm welcome awaits.


  • The admissions area is flat and step-free with a tiled floor surface.
  • Disabled adults and children receive discounted admission – carers are not required to pay.
  • Staff are trained to hold the door open for disabled customers.
  • Pen and paper are available on request.

Paths throughout the park are easy to navigate and take you close to the animals.

Getting around the attraction

  • The park is on a slight slope.
  • Flat, wide pathways (1800mm across) allow close access to the animals and birds.
  • There are a few steps to get to various areas – but you will always have an alternative method of access via a ramp or slope.
  • Benches and seating areas are situated at regular intervals throughout the park.

There are many benches where you can relax and watch the animals.


Public toilets are located near the entrance to the park. Disabled facilities are accessed via a gradual ramp. Additional toilets for women, men and baby-changing are accessible via a set of steps (or via a slope from a higher area of the park).

Dimensions of the disabled facilities are approximately 2m x 2.5m. The height of the toilet is approximately 450mm. There are vertical and horizontal bars strategically positioned to allow for easy access. An emergency alarm pull cord is situated next to the toilet.

We have disabled toilets accessed via a gentle ramp.


We have a tea room and gift shop, and each building is easy to access. Staff throughout the Haven are trained to provide assistance if and when it is required.

We have a newly refurbished tea room with easy access – or bring your own refreshments for the picnic area.

Tea room

  • Tea room access is step-free and is situated next door to the entrance building.
  • The viewing conservatory is accessible via a set of steps or decking from outside.
  • Tables and chairs are well spaced apart and are not affixed to the floor.
  • Refreshments include vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.
  • All food and drinks are sourced locally.

Mmmm, did someone say ‘gluten free brownies?’


  • The gift shop is situated in the entrance building.
  • Customers exit through the gift shop which is flat throughout with a tiled floor.
  • There are single doors into and out of the gift shop measuring 950mm each.
  • There is plenty of room within the gift shop for a wheelchair to move and manoeuvre.
  • Staff are trained to hold doors open, as necessary, and provide any assistance you need.


Presentation of information

The Haven is decorated with information boards and signs that introduce visitors to the animals and the work that we do. They are positioned so that they can be easily read by our younger visitors and people in wheelchairs. Our boards have relatively large text, bright pictures and consistent symbols. They decorate all but a few of the animal enclosures.

Information is broken into chunks and written to appeal to all ages. We don’t use jargon.

In addition:

  • The guidebook has a map and lots of information on the Haven’s animals and facilities.
  • A large map board, as you enter the park, shows the meeting points for daily talks and feeds.
  • Timings are shown on the ‘Keeper Talks Board’ in the picnic area nearby.
  • Our talks provide audio and visual information on the animals at the Haven. We welcome questions.

We have a large map at the entrance so you can find your bearings – or just ask a keeper.

Additional information

  • Evacuation procedures have been designed to accommodate people with access needs.
  • Staff will provide any assistance you need.
  • Unfortunately, dogs are not often permitted as they may distress the animals.
  • Staff are happy to provide information on bus routes/times and nearby accommodation or facilities.


Future developments

We have plans to print large versions of our leaflet and guidebook.

As the Haven expands and develops we will continue to use the same wide, flat pathways that our customers appreciate.

We are looking into introducing hearing loops in the future.