Oh my, the vet’s been busy…

//Oh my, the vet’s been busy…

Oh my, the vet’s been busy…

Pictured above: Somer (opening wide) & Minka having an operation.

It’s been a busy time for the vet at Monkey Haven, as many of our animals have needed procedures to keep them happy and healthy. Our vet bills are extremely high but our animals deserve the very best care and this is something that we can’t compromise on. We’re lucky that so many of our lovely supporters choose to ‘adopt’ our animals – this helps us to pay for all their bills, and of course enables us to provide lots of treats too!

Rasmaya goes through the menopause

Did you know that primates also go through the menopause – and it’s just as horrible for them as it can be for us! Our oldest lady, Rasmaya the Lar Gibbon, had been suffering from mood swings and feeling under the weather. After a full veterinary examination, Dr Green discovered that her uterus was rather sore and inflamed and said that removing it would be the best option. The operation went well and Rasmaya spent two days inside her house recovering. She has had the best TLC and we’re happy to report she is now happily swinging and whooping again with her daughter, Somer (both are pictured here). Meanwhile Somer had a dentistry check up the other day. We’re pleased to report that everything is fine and she has a strong and healthy pair of gnashers.

Minka’s hormones go a bit crazy

Our youngest Rhesus Macaque, Minka, has been spayed this week. Upon reaching maturity, the little trouble maker had been suffering from a hormone overload and as a result had been picking fights with her family members, including her poor mum, Tammy. After several months of the Keepers and our vet trying to calm her down, it was decided that spaying Minka would be the best solution to hopefully ease her mood swings. She has spent a few days alone inside to recover but is now happily back with her family and peace reigns again.

The Squirrel Monkeys open wide for a dental inspection

Our cute little Squirrel Monkeys, Elfie and Paulo, were struggling to eat hard vegetables, so we asked the vet to have a look. The vet checked out all the Squirrel Monkeys, and gave them all full dentistry examinations. Elfie and Paulo each had a tooth removed. The little cuties are now back to good health again and munching happily on their favourite apples. Our animals eat at least 10 portions of fruit and veg every day – can you match that?! If you grow your own fruit and veg, then any surplus would be very gratefully received by our greedy primates who can’t get enough of tasty home grown produce!

Hope you’ll come and visit all our animals soon. Your visit helps to pay for their care and vet bills. Thanks for your support!

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