Thank you, everyone!

//Thank you, everyone!

Thank you, everyone!

A huge THANK YOU to all our amazing supporters who’ve been treating the animals to pressies from our Amazon Wish List.

We’ve had several very generous anonymous donations – you know who are! – and hope you’re reading this, as we’re very, very grateful. Thanks to you, we’ve received 10 paw print blankets, a Kong stuff-a-ball toy, a small rope toy, a chew ring and a rubber ball with a bell inside. These gifts are practical and fun – thank you, lovely people!

We would also like to thank the following star supporters for your terrific treats…

Sarah, Sam & Alex

Thank you for the super cool swing and rag rope ball – the monkeys will get up to all sorts of tricks with them!

James Allen

James treated the Capuchins to a Kong large wobbler, a Kong stuff a ball, a Kong teething stick and a rope toy. Wow – thank you!

Jen Killeen

Jen gave Tonka a super birthday gift of an outdoor hammock. Tonka adores it!

Helen Lincoln

Helen is helping us to keep the animals warm at night with a 100w Exo-Terra basking bulb and a 50w Trixie basking bulb. Also thanks for the Kong puppy toy – it’s lots of fun for the monkeys!

Ciara Moneley

Ciara donated some Zolcal D vitamin liquid – this is a magic potion that helps to keep our cheeky monkeys in tip top condition.

Linda Pay

Linda sent us a big package containing straw bedding, an outdoor large hammock, 100x large locusts and Kong puppy tennis balls. You won’t believe the fun they’re having with your presents and the meerkats adored the locusts – yum!

You’re all awesome!

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