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Mamma mia, check out this cutie!

Our monkeys love surprises - and this little sweetie is one of them! Lulu the Capuchin gave birth to this adorable baby on December 21st, and both are doing really well. It's Lulu's fourth baby, as she's also mum to three very cheeky monkeys, Malou, Milo and Machu. During February half term's Love Week, we'll [...]

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So cute!!! Meet the new arrival

Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? Lulu the Capuchin gave us all a little gift when she presented the Keepers with this bundle of fluff over Christmas. Mother and baby are both doing really well, and the other Capuchins are very curious but gentle with the new arrival. The baby will be carried [...]

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Look who’s just arrived!

Five new little faces have joined the Haven family. The group of Squirrel monkeys consists of two very old little ladies and three young boys. The ladies are Rio (age 32) and Elfie (age 27). The lads are called Bueno, Peru and Paulo. They joined us on 19th January and are settling in really well. [...]

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Meet our new apes

Among are most recent arrivals is a group of Barbary apes (also known as Barbary macaques) who were donated to us by our friends at the AAP Rescue Centre for Exotic Animals (an organisation based in the Netherlands which rescues and rehomes animals all over Europe). The primates, who were all individual victims of the [...]

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