How to support Monkey Haven during this difficult time

//How to support Monkey Haven during this difficult time

How to support Monkey Haven during this difficult time

We are unbelievably grateful to all our wonderful supporters who are thinking of Monkey Haven at this difficult time, and want to help us through the Coronavirus crisis. Thank you to everyone who has responded to our new appeal. It’s very moving and means the world to us.

If you are able to support Monkey Haven, then here are a few ways that you could help our rescued animals…

Make a donation

We have set up a new appeal for our animal sanctuary. If you could donate a small amount, it will help us to feed and care for our rescued monkeys, birds, reptiles and meerkats.
Our bank details are as follows..
Name: The LEAF Foundation
Account number: 65811577
Sort code: 53-61-33

You can also donate to our campaign by clicking on the link below which takes you to the GoFundMe website. Our page tells you more about our fundraising campaign, and has a special video message from our Founder, Don Walser.
Make a donation…

Drop off any unwanted fruit & veg

The monkeys eat a LOT of fresh fruit and veg – up to 10 portions a day! If you could donate any surplus, it would be much appreciated. They basically eat everything apart from rhubarb! There is a drop off point at the entrance to the park which is regularly monitored. Please leave your name and email and we’ll get in touch to say thanks.

Adopt your favourite animal

Why not adopt one of our gorgeous creatures, or give an adoption as a gift? We will also be offering online adoptions asap. Watch this space.
Adopt an animal…

Buy pressies from our online shop

We’re still offering a great selection of goodies to go, and all proceeds will go to our animals. Please be aware that delivery will take slightly longer than usual (we estimate 10-14 days).
Go shopping…

Join the Monkey Haven family and become a member

When we re-open, your membership will give you unlimited admissions for a whole year and we really can’t wait to welcome you.
Become a member…

Stay in touch on social media

Like, share and comment on our feeds. It’s a lonely time for our Keepers. We love meeting you all! Now your messages of support are even more important than ever.
Find us on Facebook

Thank you for being so lovely. We can’t wait to fling open our doors again and thank you in person! xx

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