Siamang Gibbons

///Siamang Gibbons

Siamang Gibbons

At Monkey Haven: We care for two of the sweetest Siamangs. Xhabu was born with multiple disabilities and is a prime example of what we can achieve at Monkey Haven. He failed to thrive at other zoos – but when he came here, he started to grow in confidence, and began to show us his extraordinary character. Now he loves turning cartwheels, being stroked by the keepers and he actually, honestly laughs if you tickle the back of his neck. Experts have said that it’s impossible for a monkey to laugh. But we know better! Xhabu’s nephew, Bog, is another cutie. He loves sunbathing, lazing around and eating lots of food.

The lowdown: Siamangs are native to the forests of forests of Malaysia, Thailand, and Sumatra. They have dark, shaggy fur and their dangling arms are longer than their legs.

Diet: Plants and fruits. Xhabu likes beetroot while Bog is very partial to bananas. Both enjoy fruit lollies in the summer.

Furry facts:

  • They’re loud, melodic singers and will join in if they hear other animals vocalising.
  • They spend half their day relaxing.
  • Much of their natural habitat is being replaced by palm oil plantations.
  • We try not to use palm oil anywhere at the Haven, which is a challenge, as it’s in so many products.