Say hello to our new pocket Rocket

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Say hello to our new pocket Rocket

We are delighted to welcome Rocket, a Common Marmoset, to the Monkey Haven family. It’s hard to believe it, but this two year old mini monkey was spotted up for sale on Instagram. An animal lover called Jade bought him, out of pity, when she saw the sad looking creature pictured in a tiny cage. She asked us to help… and how could we turn him down?

“Space is a real issue for us, but when we saw how small his cage was, we couldn’t turn him away”, says Keeper Terri Cook. “Our hope is to mix him with our other rescued Marmosets. It will take time, but at least he’ll be safe from now on, and will get the proper care and treatment he deserves.”

Don Walser, Founder of Monkey Haven added: “Monkeys make terrible pets, and that’s probably why he was sold in the first place. Typically the owners can’t handle them, as they need specialist care and attention. We can offer this little fella everything he needs – and as a charity, we can only do this thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Thanks to you, Rocket can now live ‘happily ever after’.”

Rocket will be cared for behind the scenes, while he adjusts to life at our animal sanctuary – check Facebook for the latest news on how he’s getting on. We hope to see you at Monkey Haven soon!

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