Meet our new rescue owl

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Meet our new rescue owl

Look at this gorgeous creature… how could anyone abandon such a beauty? But unfortunately, that’s how he found his way into our care. We first heard about him when we had a call a few days ago from a lady who was rather shocked to discover him in a cramped 4ft by 4ft shed. He’d been left behind, along with other animals, when the previous owners moved out. Having no idea what to do with an owl, or how to care for him, she contacted Monkey Haven and asked if we would take him in. Well… how could we refuse?

We had no idea what type of owl we were rescuing until a few days ago, when this huge chap arrived! He’s a stunning male Eurasian Eagle Owl – and we’re delighted to report that he’s settled in well, and is being cared for in our bird hospital, away from the main public area. Once he’s completely restored to good health, we’ll look for a permanent home for him… Maybe. 😉

£1 = wonderful

If you would like to make a small contribution to his care – then you could help us to keep him. Just £1 would make a big difference, as we’re a charity and rely on generous support from lovely people like you. If we get more money than we need to cover his food and any medical care, then we’ll put it towards building a special enclosure for him.

We really don’t want to let this beauty go… and judging by the comments on our Facebook page, you’d like him to stay with us too!

If you can spare £1, then please make a donation by clicking on the button below. When asked if you would like to leave a message, please mention that your donation is for the rescue owl.

Thank you for your support xx

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