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We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of an adorable Capuchin – the 14th baby to be born at Monkey Haven since we opened in 2010! Early on Friday 18th September, the keepers went into the enclosure as usual, to feed and clean the monkeys, when the little one was spotted, nestling up to mum Lulu. We’re calling him Milo.

This is a particularly happy event, as the father Peppino has only been at the Haven since Easter, having been rescued from the cruel pet trade. Gestation is usually 150 days which means the baby would have been conceived more or less when Peppino first arrived. Although the keepers had suspected that Lulu was pregnant, they didn’t realise the birth would be so soon and were surprised and excited by the early news.

Everyone at the Haven is delighted.  Keeper Lisa said: “It was amazing to find the little one clinging to Lulu, even if it was a little earlier than expected! However, the baby is fit and healthy and destined for a happy, safe and playful life being watched over by mum Lulu and dad Peppino. We all look forward to watching them grow as a family and big sister Malou, will enjoy having a new playmate!”

Mother and son are continuing to flourish and are receiving lots of care and attention.  Peppino is not too sure what all the fuss is about, whilst curious Malou has been spotted gently touching the newborn.

“This is such a happy ending to Peppino’s journey, and also for Lulu, who was rescued from a similar situation”, adds Lisa. “They have another chance of happiness together as a little family and we couldn’t be more pleased and proud!”

Swing by and meet little Milo – see opening times for our winter hours!

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