New display on its way!

//New display on its way!

New display on its way!

Watch out for this giant board next time you’re at Monkey Haven – it will be hard to miss, as it’s 2.5m long, which is the length of a horse! It’s being printed as you read this, and will pop up at the park very soon.

The new board is packed with info on the illegal animal trade – such as did you know that monkeys are valuable to the poachers whether they’re dead or alive? Dead – their body parts can be used for traditional medicines, rituals, and bushmeat. Their tails are used to make fly swatters. Alive – they’re sold as pets, usually to people who don’t have a clue about how to look after them, and quickly start to neglect them. Some end up in circuses, or chained to beach bars, or used as photo props at holiday resorts. It breaks our hearts!

The board has pictures of many of the monkeys that we’ve helped to rescue in collaboration with our friends at the AAP, a Netherlands’ based primate rescue charity. So find out more – and then go and meet the monkeys nearby!

You can also get loads of background info at the award-winning Keeper talks and feeds, and see behind the scenes by using our free App.

Have a happy day!

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