So cute!!! Meet the new arrival

//So cute!!! Meet the new arrival

So cute!!! Meet the new arrival

Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Lulu the Capuchin gave us all a little gift when she presented the Keepers with this bundle of fluff over Christmas.

Mother and baby are both doing really well, and the other Capuchins are very curious but gentle with the new arrival. The baby will be carried around on his mother’s back for a while, before he’s strong enough to start playing with the rest of the family. We say ‘he’, but we won’t actually know whether it’s a boy or girl until he’s a bit older and separated from his mummy.

We haven’t chosen a name yet, but please get in touch via Facebook if you’ve got any suggestions.

This marks the latest wonderful chapter in Lulu’s life. She became sad and withdrawn after her mate Martin died a few years ago – however now she’s paired up with scruffy Peppino, a rescued monkey who’s an unlikely stud, but they’re very happy together.

Come and see their little family – it’s only £7 for entry during the winter.

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