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Gift alert! Adopt one of our beautiful animals for yourself or a loved one!

All proceeds will go towards caring for your gorgeous monkey, bird or meerkat, for a whole year. Your donation will help to pay for their food, care, vet bills, medicines, cosy home, toys and lots of fun. An adoption makes a very special gift, and also gives you a lovely feel-good glow. We’ll send the lucky recipient a bundle of goodies, depending on which adoption you choose…

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All the proceeds will support the rescued creatures at Monkey Haven. If you would like detailed information on any of the food products, just get in touch.

Grab a great virtual gift for a loved one – or yourself!

This is a fun way of donating in your name, or anyone else’s. When you buy a virtual gift, you’ll be helping the work that we do caring for creatures in need. We’ll send you (or anyone you choose) a handwritten card to say a big thank you.