Muller’s Gibbons

///Muller’s Gibbons

Muller’s Gibbons

At Monkey Haven: Come and meet our adorable Muller’s Gibbons – we’ve got mischievous Kajan (who’s always up to tricks) and her long-suffering mum, Bono. Beautiful Bono is one of the oldest primates that we care for. She’s great at grooming and will even give the keepers a little manicure to keep their cuticles in good shape. They both enjoy a good old sing-song (they’re very noisy) – and in the wild, this is how they defend their territory from other gibbons who might want to share their space in the rainforest.

The lowdown: These gorgeous creatures come from Borneo. They are one of the smaller gibbons, typically weighing 5.4kg and reaching 61cm in height.

Diet: Mostly fruit with a bit of veg. Kajan’s fave is grapes, while Bono is partial to a tasty onion.

Furry facts:

  • These gibbons are monogamous and mate for life.
  • Before sunrise, male gibbons sing a solo song lasting up to 40 minutes to make their presence known.
  • These gibbons have a ring of brighter fur around their face.
  • They live for up to 40 years.