Introducing marvellous Milan

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Introducing marvellous Milan

Pictures shown above:

  • Milan now at Monkey Haven
  • X-ray showing the injury that was probably caused by the previous owner forcing her into a dress
  • The picture of Milan used to sell her online

Meet Milan – our new adorable Squirrel Monkey who is now settling into Monkey Haven after a traumatic start in life. She was rescued from the cruel pet trade, when an animal lover spotted her for sale on a Spanish website.

“When we heard about Milan, we jumped at the chance of giving her a happy home,” says Don Walser, founder of Monkey Haven. “The poor little thing was in a bad way, as the owner didn’t know how to care for her properly. She’s got a broken arm, which was probably caused by being forced into clothing, such as the flamenco dress that she wore in the advert.”

She also has a humped back caused by a preventable condition called rickets, which leads to fragile bones and deformities. This is common in animals that don’t get enough sunlight or a proper balanced diet.

Milan is now receiving specialist care and attention at our award-winning animal sanctuary, now the top Small Visitor Attraction in England. Another Squirrel Monkey, Bueno, has taken a particular shine to her, and trails behind her wherever she goes.

Keeper Terri May says: “Milan had never seen another monkey before, so we had to introduce her to our group very slowly. But now she’s taking to being a monkey very well and enjoys the company of the boys, who were also rescued from the pet trade.”

We hope you’ll come and visit the little lady – and as we’re a charity, all the money that you spend will go towards helping the work that we do caring for animals in need. It’s win-win – you’ll have a great time, and we can care for even more creatures in crisis.

“We hope to see you soon”, says Don Walser. “There’s always something fun going on around here so come and monkey around!”

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