Meet the Grivets

//Meet the Grivets

Meet the Grivets

Come and meet the adorable Grivets, playing happily in their new home at Monkey Haven. It’s hard to believe it, looking at them now, but these beautiful creatures, with their white tufty whiskers and cheeky little faces, have endured terrible suffering.

Malta is named after the airport where he was found, wrapped in a bag, having being smuggled in from his native Libya. To prevent him from making any noise, he was bound up in cloth and tape. The other three Grivets have equally sad histories. Little Pepper has weak and crooked bones, from being kept in cramped conditions. Angèle was rescued from a small private zoo, following multiple complaints about her welfare. Soma is a former pet and lived in a tiny parrot cage, until she was confiscated by the Police. All four now display abnormal behaviours and personality defects that mean that they can never return to the wild.

A Dutch organisation, AAP, spent over three years working closely with the animals to turn the frightened collection of Grivets into a sociable, functioning group. They asked Monkey Haven if they could provide them with a permanent home at their sanctuary on the Isle of Wight. Monkey Haven asked the public for support, as they are a charity and don’t receive any state funding.

Don Walser, Founder of Monkey Haven, commented: “A huge thanks to everyone who responded to 2015’s Grivet Appeal. These special monkeys can now live the rest of their lives in a peaceful, enriched environment.

“When we saw the photos of these poor little creatures, our hearts melted – and to see them here now is a real joy. I hope you’ll come and visit us all soon!”

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