Meet sweet little Peppino

//Meet sweet little Peppino

Meet sweet little Peppino

This is Peppino, a 27 year old Capuchin and a very special new arrival to Monkey Haven. So far, his life has been a hard one. Born in the wild, his mother was shot by poachers and then he was taken and sold into the pet trade. The scars of this are still seen around his neck today, from a collar that would have been too tight. He was probably made to dance or pose for pictures with tourists.

We don’t know how long this continued. But eventually he was spotted by a sanctuary, then moved to a zoo in France to join a group of his own kind. However several attemps at being introduced to various groups always resulting in him being attacked and pushed out, and he now has two fingers missing and another that’s deformed. He’s spent the past few years on his own, which has just added to the poor little chap’s stress. He now has severe hairloss on his arms, tail and back, a very thin frail body and a sad little face that breaks our hearts.

Since arriving at Monkey Haven, we’ve been giving him some serious TLC. We’ve successfully introduced him to Lulu and Malou who have been looking after him with cuddles and grooming. We’ve all fallen for this monkey, big time, and sure you will too when you meet him. Come and see him, chilling out at the Haven. He’s just adorable.

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