Mamma mia, check out this cutie!

//Mamma mia, check out this cutie!

Mamma mia, check out this cutie!

Our monkeys love surprises – and this little sweetie is one of them! Lulu the Capuchin gave birth to this adorable baby on December 21st, and both are doing really well. It’s Lulu’s fourth baby, as she’s also mum to three very cheeky monkeys, Malou, Milo and Machu.

During February half term’s Love Week, we’ll be inviting visitors to help us choose a name for the new arrival. It might be nice to stick to the theme, and call the baby something beginning with the letter M… but see what you come up with! There’s a special Adoption Love Box up for grabs, so get thinking…

For now, the baby is clinging to mummy, so we can’t get a good look at their ‘underside’ and tell whether it’s a boy or a girl, so a unisex name might be a good idea.

We’ll put all the suggestions in a box, then at the end of the week, narrow it down to our top 5 – and ask everyone to vote on Facebook.

Mum Lulu is a natural and very attentive to her little passenger. Dad Peppino takes a more relaxed view of fatherhood and generally ignores the baby, apart from occasionally picking him up for a few minutes of quality time.

The other monkeys were very curious to start with, but quickly lost interest as he or she is too young to get up to tricks with them. However in a few months’ time, when the baby is old enough to play with the gang, we can expect even more chaos to break out. These monkeys already lob stones at the keepers, and jump in their hair, so who knows what they’ll get up to next..?!

Come and see this hilarious family at Monkey Haven – we hope to see you soon!

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