Exciting news – Malou’s going to be a mummy!

//Exciting news – Malou’s going to be a mummy!

Exciting news – Malou’s going to be a mummy!

The Keepers at Monkey Haven are delighted, and just a tad shocked, after discovering that Malou the Capuchin is pregnant! Check out the evidence – you can see the X-Ray above which clearly shows a baby monkey in her tum! We’ve kept it under wraps for the past couple of weeks, while her health was monitored, but we’re happy to say that the mummy-to-be is in excellent shape, and could give birth any day.

This is quite a turn-up – as when Malou was born at the Haven in 2013, we thought that she was a he.

“It’s not always easy to establish the sex of a young monkey, particularly one like Malou who never sits still!” explains Keeper Terri Lock. “Malou has always been the most energetic of all our Capuchins, and super healthy, never giving us a reason to fully handle her. We don’t routinely handle our animals, to avoid putting them under stress, and this also encourages them to display the same behaviour that they would in the wild.”

The Keepers thought they’d seen the usual clue to show that Malou was male… but then called in the vet when the monkey’s stomach started to swell. Say Terri: “The vet carried out an X-ray, and confirmed that ‘he’ was a she – and not only that, but she was pregnant.”

Malou is as bouncy and energetic as ever, and spending her pregnancy having fun with her family and causing daily mayhem. We’re now all on babywatch – and will post any updates here or on Facebook.

Never a dull moment, eh?!

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