Lar Gibbons

///Lar Gibbons

Lar Gibbons

At Monkey Haven: We’ve got two Star Gibbons – oops, Lar Gibbons – and that’s Somer and her mother Rasmaya. You’ll probably hear them before you see them! These showgirls will try and grab your attention with their melodic singing and acrobatic feats. If you walk away, they’ll try and lure you back by singing even louder!

The lowdown: In the wild, Lar Gibbons live in rainforests that cover a wide area, including Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. They propel themselves around the trees using their very muscular arms. They’re extremely active and agile animals.

Diet: Lots of fruit, leaves and insects.

Furry facts:

  • Families have their own special song or ‘great call’.
  • They sing every morning to keep other Gibbons off their territory.
  • Lar Gibbons are hunted for their meat and the illegal pet trade.
  • Their biggest threat is from the loss of their habitat due to deforestation.

Hey everybody, listen to me!


Hear the sound of the lar gibbon…


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