Monkey Haven socks it to the Zoo Inspectors!

//Monkey Haven socks it to the Zoo Inspectors!

Monkey Haven socks it to the Zoo Inspectors!

Pictured above: The Keepers’ new socks, and gorgeous Xhabu.

The Keepers at Monkey Haven are delighted with the results of their latest Zoo Inspection. Every three years, a team goes behind the scenes to dig around, checking everything from every angle, over a rigorous six hours. The team included a Zoo Inspector, a member of the Council, and a vet. Their mission was to ensure that we’re putting animals and visitors first and providing a clean, safe environment. They checked the condition of the animals, the safety of the enclosures, how we store and dispose of food and medicines, how often our animals see the vet, accessibility for visitors, the enrichment we provide our animals, our protective clothing, record keeping, and our efforts in helping conservation… And guess what – we socked it to them!

The Zoo inspectors were so impressed that they wrote a lovely note to us afterwards:

“The inspectors would like to thank Monkey Haven for their hospitality and helpfulness, openness and transparency during the inspection process. The inspectors were impressed with the improvements made over the last three years and the condition of the animals, many of whom are old and rescued animals. The inspection team congratulate the team for the work they are doing and the excellence in animal care and public education.”

To celebrate, Head Keeper Terri Cook surprised each of the Keepers with a gift – a pair of their favourite animal socks!

Terri said: “I’m super proud of the team and the findings confirm what a great job the Keepers do in caring for our rescued animals. We have the highest standards behind the scenes, as well as in all the public areas. So now it’s best feet forward and we’ll carry on doing what we’re doing, making animals happy – and people happy!”

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