We’re going bats in 2019!

//We’re going bats in 2019!

We’re going bats in 2019!

Great news! Our friends at the Isle of Wight Bat Hospital have confirmed that they’ll be flying over to Monkey Haven on the following dates in 2019:

Saturday 27 July
Sunday 28 July
Sunday 25 August
Monday 26 August
Saturday 26 October
Thursday 31 October

You can find out about these fascinating creatures, and maybe even get to touch one. The dedicated team work 24/7 to rescue bats from all kinds of places including hedges, church roofs, and even road signs! They could be mauled by cats, or dehydrated and dangerously ill. The Hospital work for free to nurse them back to health and then release them back into the wild, whenever possible.

We’ll remind you about the dates on Facebook – but do add them to your diary! This is one of many reasons to get yourself signed up for membership of Monkey Haven. Do it right now! Or pleeease ask for membership for a pressie. We’ve always got loads going on and we’re open all year round now.

All proceeds from your membership will help us to care for the gorgeous animals you’ll meet at Monkey Haven, and enable us to rescue even more creatures in crisis. Thank you for your support xx

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