Look who’s hatched in time for Easter…

//Look who’s hatched in time for Easter…

Look who’s hatched in time for Easter…

We are delighted to announce the birth of a beautiful new Eurasian Eagle Owl! This adorable owlet was born on April 5th, to Rocco and Sandy – it’s the second baby they’ve hatched, following the birth of Twiglet last year (Twiglet is pictured above, with mum Sandy).

After a blissful start in life, our new little one stopped growing and became very weak, so the Keepers stepped in to help. He’s being cared for round the clock by them, until he’s strong enough to join his family.

Right now, he looks like a scrappy bundle of yellow fluff – we say ‘he’ but we won’t actually know if he’s male or female for several months. However he hopefully won’t stay like this for long – Eurasian Eagle Owls are one of the biggest species of owls, and when they’re fully grown have a wingspan of up to 188 cm (6 ft 2 in), which is the height of a tall man!

His current weight is 86g – which is about the weight of two Cadbury Creme Eggs – and thanks to the intensive hand rearing that he’s receiving, he’s slowly starting to get bigger and stronger.

“It’s early days,” says Head Keeper Terri Cook, “But with regular feeds, day and night, we hope that he will thrive. He’s so tiny, he fits into the palm of my hands, and his ears and eye are still shut, so he’s very vulnerable. We hope that he will be able to meet the public in a week or two, but we’ll have to see how it goes – his health comes first.”

Everyone has their fingers crossed for this tiny fighter who has emerged from his egg in time for Easter. You might not be able to see him this week, but you can meet the rest of his family. Plus we’ve got so much going on at Monkey Haven over the Easter weekend, we hope you’ll come and join us!

Have a cracking Easter everyone!




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