Don’t they grow up fast..?

//Don’t they grow up fast..?

Don’t they grow up fast..?

This little sweetie was born in May – in the first picture, above, he was just days old. In the second picture, it shows how much he’s sprouted over the past two months, as he’s nearly the same size as his mum, Sandy, a Eurasian Eagle Owl.

The owlet lives with his mum and dad, Sandy and Rocco, who are doting parents. He is called Twiglet, thanks to Samantha Cox, aged 9, who came up with the name when she met the little fella at half term – and won a family ticket to come back and see Twiglet again.

“We get really emotional seeing his progress”, says Keeper Lisa. “Look how feathery he is now! Don’t they grow up so fast? Come and see him soon while he’s still a baby!”

Watch Twiglet eating a giant chicken here…

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