Cute alert! Meet our baby Barn Owls

//Cute alert! Meet our baby Barn Owls

Cute alert! Meet our baby Barn Owls

Fly on by to Monkey Haven where we’re caring for a pair of adorable Owlets. Check out the pictures above – and watch the cutest ever vid, below, showing one of the owlets in action!

Wisp and Casper the Barn Owls were born at the Haven at the end of June, after we successfully incubated their eggs – the eggs often don’t hatch when the mothers sit on them, so we wanted to give them the best chance of survival.

Now they’re flourishing under the tender care of our Keepers, who are hand rearing them. They’re eating a balanced meaty diet, starting to pick at the food themselves, and becoming more alert and active every day. They look like tiny Pterodactyls… but soon they’ll grow into big, beautiful birds of prey, like the raptor shown at the end of the slideshow. They’ve come a long way already, since the little scraps you can see cuddling up on the blue blanket – that picture was taken just days after their birth.

The babies are being introduced to their adoring public at the Have a Hoot with the Owls talks, giving our other birds a bit of a break over the busy season.

“They love all the attention”, says Keeper Terri. “They’re so sociable and sweet – you seriously need to meet these little guys as soon as possible!”

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