We’ll miss you Crotchet

//We’ll miss you Crotchet

We’ll miss you Crotchet

We have very sad news about Crotchet, our beautiful female Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur. She had been battling major health problems, including inoperable tumours. Unfortunately they proved too much for her, and she was put to sleep yesterday by the Vet. She passed away peacefully, surrounded by her Keepers.

Crotchet had reached the ripe old age of 19 years, without many problems, but started to go off her food and was drinking more than usual.

In March, the vet shaved her belly to carry out an examination and the check up found two large tumours, one in her stomach and one attached to her liver. He couldn’t remove them, due to their position. One was the size of an egg, and the other the size of an orange.

Not long after her examination, she became very unwell. Despite our best efforts to make her comfortable, she stopped eating and her health started to deteriorate rapidly. After talking at length to the Vet, we had to make the very painful decision to let her rest in peace.

Crotchet leaves her dad, Ren, as they used to share an enclosure together. Rest assured that we will be giving Ren lots of love and attention during this difficult time. Primates can grieve like humans do, showing signs of distress such as becoming withdrawn and going off their food. In groups, they can hug and console each other after an animal dies.

Don Walser, Founder of Monkey Haven, says: “It’s sad as they always used to call – one would start and the other would join in. We’ll all miss her very much.”

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