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How to support Monkey Haven during this difficult time

Pictured above: Cotton-Top Tamarins, who were rescued from appalling conditions, and now live happily with us; founder Don Walser with Xhabu the Siamang who has disabilities; Malta, a Grivet who was discovered at Malta Airport; Malta lives peacefully with us now at Monkey Haven; one of our Keeper talks where you can learn all about our rescued animals and how they came to be here Β 

We’re a charity – and we’d really value your support!

Q Tell me about the charity…

A. Monkey Haven is supported by people just like you. We couldn’t rescue creatures in crisis without your amazing help. The charity that pays for everything – and that’s all the costs involved with caring for our animals – is called The Leaf Foundation. Why ‘Leaf’? Well, that stands for Life Enrichment for Animal Fulfilment. When you visit the Haven, have a cuppa in the tea room, or buy your souvenirs in the shop, you’re supporting The Leaf Foundation. So a big THANK YOU from us all!

Q What do you do with our money?

A. We help animals! That’s all the animals you’ll meet plus hopefully lots more in the future. Some of them are extremely rare, like the Cotton-Top Tamarins. With your support, we can afford to pay for their food, vet bills, accommodation and lots of treats.

Q. Is there a bigger picture?

A. Yes! We want to protect the planet. That could mean drawing our visitors’ attention to the destruction of the rainforest or doing our bit by going ‘palm oil free’. Signs and banners throughout Monkey Haven promote these messages. We also jump at the opportunity to talk to schools and other groups about conservation and other issues affecting animals in the wild.

Q. Is being a charity important for you?

A. Excellent question – and yes! It’s a big deal for us. It’s important for us to be non profit making so that we can maximise the impact that we have. If we make money, it’s ploughed straight back into Monkey Haven, to support creatures in crisis.

100% of your donations will be used to give our animals a safe and happy home.

100% of the money you spend on adoptions will be used to care for our creatures in need.

Plus as a charity, we don’t have to pay VAT on many items, which gives us a brilliant boost. We weren’t a charity to start with, and had to shut during the winter. However the savings we’ve made as a charity allow us to open all year round.

We can also run appeals at Monkey Haven, such as the Aviary Appeal – and thanks to the generosity of our visitors, the birds now have smart new homes.

It also means that we can claim tax back on Gift Aid donations, at no extra cost to our supporters.

Charity no. 1153254