Goodbye lovely Djebra – you were one of a kind

We're so sad to report that beautiful Djebra – a Red-Tailed Guenon, who was the only one of his kind in the UK – has passed away at the age of 24. This characterful monkey used to be an illegal pet in Israel, until he was confiscated by the authorities and given his 'forever' home [...]

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Meet ‘Spooks & Spiders’ this Halloween…. yikes!!

We've got some seriously spooky shenanigans going on at Monkey Haven this half term! Don't miss our Spooks & Spiders spectacular, running every day from Saturday 19th October to Sunday 3rd November. You'll get the chance to meet a whole load of creepie crawlies in the brand new Reptile Lodge - and even get to [...]

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We’re going bats for Halloween!

Great news! Our friends at the Isle of Wight Bat Hospital have confirmed that they'll be flying over to Monkey Haven for some Halloween magic on the following dates: Saturday 26 October Thursday 31 October You can find out about these fascinating creatures, and maybe even get to touch one. The dedicated team work 24/7 [...]

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Welcoming some very special children to Monkey Haven

Pictured: Cody Tosdivine with Groot the Eagle Owl, earlier this year; The Keepers with a giant monkey to give to Beaulieu House; from L to R Keeper Lilymae, Brendan (in orange), Rhys (in burgundy), Dave the monkey, Carer from Beaulieu House, and Keeper Carrie-Anne; Rhys with Dave the monkey. We have been welcoming some very [...]

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Goodbye Geertje… we’ll miss you

Pictured above: Geertje; and Nanushka showing her broken arm caused by the in-fighting We're all head over heels for gorgeous Geertje the Barbary Macaque, so it breaks our hearts to say goodbye to him. However it's time to let go, and give this troubled monkey the chance of happiness in a bigger troop that will [...]

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Say hello to our new pocket Rocket

We are delighted to welcome Rocket, a Common Marmoset, to the Monkey Haven family. It's hard to believe it, but this two year old mini monkey was spotted up for sale on Instagram. An animal lover called Jade bought him, out of pity, when she saw the sad looking creature pictured in a tiny cage. [...]

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Meet the new giant gorilla at Monkey Haven

Pictured: The Keepers with the new arrival (L to R Sarah Pulman, Charlotte Cooke, Lizzy Mcnamara & Katie Gates from the Tea Room); the lorry bringing him to Monkey Haven; wheeling him in; with visitor Phoebe; and with Keeper Charlotte Cooke The Keepers at Monkey Haven have taken delivery of a massive new primate - [...]

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Get the #happyapp & win free family tickets

Have you checked out our new free App yet? You can go on a banana trail around the park, get the goss on your favourite animals, and take your own souvenir selfies. The pictures above were taken by our crazy Keepers! We’re going to be giving away free family tickets for our favourite Appy snaps, [...]

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We get the ‘thumbs up’ from TripAdvisor

We’ve had the ‘thumbs up’ from TripAdvisor – and now the Keepers at Monkey Haven are giving our supporters a big ‘thumbs up’ in return! Thanks to all our brilliant reviews on TripAdvisor, we’ve qualified for the 2019 Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame. This is only given out to attractions that have earned a [...]

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We get a gold star for being green!

Keepers pictured in the bike hoops (L to R): Lizzy Mcnamara, Sarah Pulman, Terri Cook & Charlotte Cooke The Keepers at Monkey Haven are going bananas after being awarded a Gold in Visit Isle of Wight's Green Star scheme. That's the top award possible! The scheme celebrates tourism businesses that are proud to be green [...]

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Meet baby Groot!

We have some happy news about our beautiful new Eurasian Eagle Owl! This adorable owlet was born on April 5th, to Rocco and Sandy, just in time for Easter - it's the second baby they've hatched, following the birth of Twiglet last year (Twiglet is pictured above, with mum Sandy). After a blissful start in [...]

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Leaflet alert!

Look out for these little beauties at a leaflet rack near you! These are brand new leaflets for 2019, with a handy little map inside, keeper talk times, and snippets of info on your favourite animals including Djimmy and his squeaky toy pig! Our cover star this year is lovely Xhabu, who was one of [...]

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Whooooo’s got a lovely new home then?

Thank you to everyone who's contributed to our Aviary Appeal, we're a charity and appreciate every penny that you have donated to us. As you can see, our pampered Barn Owls have settled in really well to their new double aviary - and as soon as we can, we'll start building super smart aviaries for [...]

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