Coming soon: Diamond & Jubilee’s birthday!

It's Diamond and Jubilee's birthday on Tuesday 2nd June 2020 These tiny twins, who were born at Monkey Haven, will soon be 8 years old! We'll be hosting a party with treats and a healthy cake for the Marmosets and their friends to share. If you would like to buy these special sweeties a pressie, [...]

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How to support Monkey Haven during this difficult time

Please donate if you can We are unbelievably grateful to all our wonderful supporters who are thinking of Monkey Haven at this difficult time, and want to help us through the Coronavirus crisis. Thank you to everyone who has responded to our new appeal. It's very moving and means the [...]

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Sad news: we are closed (for now) due to Coronavirus

We are so sad to announce that we're temporarily closed, in response to the Coronavirus crisis. The Founder of Monkey Haven, Don Walser, would like to share a personal video thanking visitors, staff and the NHS, which saved his life when he had a heart attack two years ago. The video was [...]

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10 highlights from 10 happy years

Images: Don Walser, Founder of Monkey Haven, with Xhabu the Siamang Gibbon; Monkey Haven under construction; The Capuchins - the first monkeys we welcomed to the Haven; The Keepers jumping for joy after wining a top award for their talks (VisitEngland's Best Told Story 2018).  Once upon a time, there was a muddy field [...]

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Get well soon, beautiful Bono!

Photo: Poorly Bono  Bono, one of our gorgeous Gibbons, has been fighting a serious illness - and the Keepers have been caring for her, night and day. They've even been coming into work in their pyjamas to check on her. Bono, a Mueller's Gibbon, is one of our oldest primates, having recently celebrated her 35th [...]

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Our Keepers are on ‘toad patrol’

Picture: Supporters of 'toad patrol' include comedian Russell Brand Our Keepers will be on 'toad patrol' over the next six weeks, joining other Islanders in a bid to reduce the number of squashed amphibians on the roads. Common toads are declining in the UK and thousands are killed each Spring as they make their way [...]

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Free cuppas for crafters

Pictured in the slideshow: the Keepers learning to knit, under the watchful eye of Joan Walser (the wife of Monkey Haven's founder, Don Walser). You can also see Kookie the Kookaburra plus Oz, Sheila, Bill and Bong, our rescued Boobook owls - these beautiful birds are all native Australians. Are you a knitting demon? Clever at [...]

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We’ve struck GOLD in the Beautiful South Awards… again!

Picture 1: Shiny Happy People at Monkey Haven. Don Walser, Founder of Monkey Haven (far right) with the award-winning team. From left: Antony, Emily, Jordan, Katie, Lisa, Lilymae, Don and Alfie the dog  Picture 2: Kelly and David Wickes from Monkey Haven (centre) at the Beautiful South Awards 2019-20. Presenter Simon Calder is on the [...]

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Fingers crossed for a big new award… and we’re ‘commended’ for being green!

Everyone's got their fingers crossed at Monkey Haven - as we've been shortlisted for a major award and we'll find out if we're a winner very soon! We've reached the finals of the 'Small Visitor Attraction of the Year' category in 2019's Beautiful South Tourism Awards. This means that we could get a highly prized [...]

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Goodbye lovely Djebra – you were one of a kind

We're so sad to report that beautiful Djebra – a Red-Tailed Guenon, who was the only one of his kind in the UK – has passed away at the age of 24. This characterful monkey used to be an illegal pet in Israel, until he was confiscated by the authorities and given his 'forever' home [...]

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Welcoming some very special children to Monkey Haven

Pictured: Cody Tosdivine with Groot the Eagle Owl, earlier this year; The Keepers with a giant monkey to give to Beaulieu House; from L to R Keeper Lilymae, Brendan (in orange), Rhys (in burgundy), Dave the monkey, Carer from Beaulieu House, and Keeper Carrie-Anne; Rhys with Dave the monkey. We have been welcoming some very [...]

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Goodbye Geertje… we’ll miss you

Pictured above: Geertje; and Nanushka showing her broken arm caused by the in-fighting We're all head over heels for gorgeous Geertje the Barbary Macaque, so it breaks our hearts to say goodbye to him. However it's time to let go, and give this troubled monkey the chance of happiness in a bigger troop that will [...]

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Say hello to our new pocket Rocket

We are delighted to welcome Rocket, a Common Marmoset, to the Monkey Haven family. It's hard to believe it, but this two year old mini monkey was spotted up for sale on Instagram. An animal lover called Jade bought him, out of pity, when she saw the sad looking creature pictured in a tiny cage. [...]

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Meet the new giant gorilla at Monkey Haven

Pictured: The Keepers with the new arrival (L to R Sarah Pulman, Charlotte Cooke, Lizzy Mcnamara & Katie Gates from the Tea Room); the lorry bringing him to Monkey Haven; wheeling him in; with visitor Phoebe; and with Keeper Charlotte Cooke The Keepers at Monkey Haven have taken delivery of a massive new primate - [...]

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