Muller’s Gibbons

At Monkey Haven: Come and meet our adorable Muller's Gibbons - we've got mischievous Kajan (who's always up to tricks) and her long-suffering mum, Bono. Beautiful Bono is one of the oldest primates that we care for. She's great at grooming and will even give the keepers a little manicure to keep their cuticles in [...]

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White-Throated Capuchins

At Monkey Haven: We have an adorable family of White-Throated Capuchins, including a new little cutie, who was born at the Haven in September 2015. Mum Lulu looks protectively after her two kids - while they, of course, run rings around her. Lulu and her mate, Peppino, both had unhappy backgrounds as maltreated pets - [...]

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At Monkey Haven: Our marvellous marmosets are very happy and good-natured. They love scampering around their enclosure and scooting up and down their tunnels. The lowdown: These New World sweeties are smaller than a ruler, and rarely go beyond 20cm. They're one of the smallest monkeys in the world. Marmosets are native to South America [...]

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Lar Gibbons

At Monkey Haven: We've got two Star Gibbons - oops, Lar Gibbons - and that's Somer and her mother Rasmaya. You'll probably hear them before you see them! These showgirls will try and grab your attention with their melodic singing and acrobatic feats. If you walk away, they'll try and lure you back by singing even louder! [...]

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