Help us build a ‘monkey mansion’ for the cute Capuchins!

//Help us build a ‘monkey mansion’ for the cute Capuchins!
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Help us build a ‘monkey mansion’ for the cute Capuchins!

Please text CAP to 70085 to donate £5 to our 2020 Capuchin Appeal! This will cost you £5 plus the cost of a standard text.

To mark our 10th birthday, we’re raising money for the mischievous monkeys who’ve been with us since the beginning – that’s our White-Throated Capuchins. Every penny will go towards creating a ‘monkey mansion’ for the fun loving family, with a pond for them to splash each other, and a wooden boat to clamber over. We’ll then use their existing enclosure to home more rescued animals in need of our loving care. This is a big project and it will cost £30,000 – so we need your help!

We’re a charity and funded entirely by public donations – so every penny you donate will make a difference and help us to reach our goal.

Maybe you could…

Thanks so much – we hope to see you soon! xx

A bit of history…

Our very first monkeys were Owen and Martin, two White-Throated Capuchins who were re-homed at the Haven over a decade ago after they were bullied at their previous Zoo. When Owen died, Martin was left in need of a mate.  White-Throated Capuchins are very rare in the UK  – in fact back then, Martin was the only one in the country! We had to scour the world and managed to find him the perfect match in France. Lulu had also been bullied and desperately needed a new home. In 2011, the public raised enough money to bring Lulu to the Island, and two soon became three when little Malou was born. “Monkeys are social creatures and wherever possible we will pair them up”, says Don. “We don’t normally allow them to have babies, but experts advised us to allow our White-Throated Capuchins to breed to help protect the species, so that’s what we have done.”

When Martin passed away, a new mate was found for lonely Lulu. Peppino had been chained up to a bar in Italy and still bears the scars around his neck. It was amazing to be able to provide Peppino with a new life at the Haven and he hit it off immediately with lovely Lulu. They now enjoy a good life together with a fab little family of their own! These smart cookies are cheeky, curious and considered to be one of the most intelligent of the New World monkeys. They are also very good at playing tricks on our Keepers and doing puzzles, such as opening bottles of monkey nuts!

What the Keepers say…

LilyMae says: “Dominant male Peppino has had a harrowing past, so we feel that he deserves nothing less than a monkey mansion, so he can live out his remaining days in luxury with his family. With the youngsters turning into their terrible teens, it will make the world of difference having the extra space… I think all parents would agree!!”
Terri says: “It’s been a privilege and joy to rescue these Capuchins and provide them with a second chance of happiness. Martin and Peppino both arrived in poor condition and Lulu was very nervy and anxious, but what a healthy and happy team they have become! Many will notice Peppino still bears the scars from his past, but this little chap has come on in leaps and bounds since we took him and has produced a fine family with Lulu. They are such an active group, and so deserving of a bigger home, so mum and dad can have some peace and harmony away from the kids!”

Sarah says: “It would be so lovely to see the youngsters enjoying a larger playground. They are so inquisitive and love climbing and jumping! I can’t wait to see them exploring their new home!”

Lisa says: “Please help us build a larger home for our Capuchins! This little family means the world to us – they steal the hearts of everyone, staff and visitors alike. Peppino and Lulu have raised a perfect little troop, full of mischief. It would be so lovely to give these adorable monkeys a brand new purpose built home – and if you are able to help in any shape or form we would be really grateful!”

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