Text & support our cute Capuchins!

//Text & support our cute Capuchins!
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Text & support our cute Capuchins!

Please text CAP to 70085 to donate £5 to our 2020 Capuchin Appeal! This will cost you £5 plus the cost of a standard text.

To mark our 10th birthday, we hope to build a des res for the mischievous monkeys who’ve been with us since the beginning. Throughout this year, we’ll be raising cash for the Capuchins and every penny will go towards creating a fabulous new home for them, with a pond and a wooden boat to clamber over. It will cost £20,000.

We’re a charity and funded entirely by public donations – so every penny you donate will make a difference and help us to reach our goal. Just visiting us will help, as all the proceeds from your day out will go towards caring for the rescued animals.

So thank you for caring for our cute Capuchins… and we hope to see you very soon!

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