Bengal Eagle Owls

///Bengal Eagle Owls

Bengal Eagle Owls

At Monkey Haven: Come and see our handsome pair, Whistler and Clicky – they’re named after the funny noises they make. Whistler came to us from a private owner and Clicky was rescued by the Havenโ€™s founder, Don Walser, before we even opened.

The lowdown: These big beauties are also known as Indian or Rock Eagle Owls. In the wild, they’re found in the forests and mountains of South East Asia. These majestic birds have big bodies and a loud booming call that can be heard at dusk and dawn. Many superstitions surround this owl, including the belief that if the bird is tortured, it will start to speak in a human voice and predict the future โ€“ this has led to cruel persecution in the wild.

Diet: They like eating other birds including partridges and doves. They also enjoy tucking into reptiles, such as lizards, and small mammals like mice – eek!.

Feathery facts:

  • They’ve got a big wingspan of nearly half a metre.
  • Unlike most other owls, they hunt in the day and sleep at night.
  • They don’t fly much when it’s cold, to conserve their energy.
  • They live for up to 30 years.