Barn owls

///Barn owls

Barn owls

At Monkey Haven: We’ve got a very special spot in our hearts for the Barn Owls, as they inspired Don Walser to set up an animal sanctuary, which eventually became Monkey Haven. Don’t you just love their heart shaped faces? They’re such sweeties (unless you’re a mouse… in which case, be afraid!).

We operate a rescue and release programme – so that whenever possible, we care for injured or abandoned birds, and then return them to the wild, as soon as they’re able to look after themselves.

The lowdown: Barn Owls are found in many spots in the UK, living around grassland or farmland. They have heart shaped faces and wingspans that can nearly reach 1 metre.

Diet: Small mammals, like mice or voles, with a side order of insects and lizards. Plus in the wild, they might tuck into smaller birds and even bats.

Feathery facts:

  • This owl doesn’t hoot – it shrieks!
  • They have amazing hearing, which enables them to hear their prey moving around in the grass.
  • They tend to mate for life.
  • They live for up to 20 years in captivity (or four years in the wild).