Ta da! We unveil our awesome new vid!

//Ta da! We unveil our awesome new vid!

Ta da! We unveil our awesome new vid!

It’s a wrap! Student Ellie Wickes, pictured above, has just finished making our brilliant new promo video, using drone footage taken over the park – and you can be one of the first to see it by clicking on the link below.

Talented Ellie is just 15, and studying for her GCSEs, but hopes to work in films in the future. As well as this super video, she has provided lots of fun footage for Monkey Haven’s App, which is completely free to download.

Monkey Haven has always been a big part of Ellie’s life, as she’s the granddaughter of the founder, Don Walser. You can see Ellie in the slideshow above – as she is now, and also aged 7 at Monkey Haven, with a feathery friend.

Don, who is delighted with the video, says: “I’m really proud of Ellie, she’s always on hand to help with techy stuff at the park, and she rustles up a good video too… all for free!”

Ellie’s demands are modest – no payment, but the occasional milkshake, burger and apple pie to fuel the creative process.

She says: “I’ve been visiting the Isle of Wight since I was a baby and have watched Monkey Haven grow from a blank canvas to the amazing award-winning attraction that it is now.”

She adds: “It was really exciting filming the animals, and using a drone to get another perspective on the park. I hope you all enjoy the video and it inspires you to make your own fun memories at this lovely little sanctuary.”

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