Whooooo’s got a lovely new home then?

//Whooooo’s got a lovely new home then?

Whooooo’s got a lovely new home then?

Thank you to everyone who’s contributed to our Aviary Appeal, we’re a charity and appreciate every penny that you have donated to us.

As you can see, our pampered Barn Owls have settled in really well to their new double aviary – and as soon as we can, we’ll start building super smart aviaries for our remaining rescued birds.

“We’ve had a few visitors asking us why the birds seem so still,” says Monkey Haven’s Founder, Don Walser. “The answer to this is that many of them are nocturnal, so only get really active at night. The other strange thing is that birds of prey are very happy to sit on their favourite perch, sometimes for days on end, without moving, until they get hungry. Then if you’re a mouse, you’d better watch out, because they’ll have all the energy they need to swoop down at a very high speed, and grab their prey. It can take hours, or days, before they’re hungry again. They really are amazing creatures”.

Go and say hello to the birds in their beautiful new homes -and you can even get up close to a hand reared bird of prey at the award-winning Keeper talks every day. Fly on by and see us soon! xx

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