Monkeys, owls… and more!

There’s more to us than monkeys and owls. In April 2015, the Haven became home to a mob of Meerkats – and they’ve been getting up to lots of mischief ever since. We also care for a number of reptiles, amphibians and other birds of all shapes and sizes. One of the most unusual creatures is our Waxy Monkey Frog. There’s also Kipling, our exceeding good Royal Python. Plus we have a slithering superstar, Gus the beautiful Boa Constrictor… he’s a hit with many children, although some of the Mums don’t seem so keen when they’re offered the chance to stroke him. Why? We have no idea! You can meet some of our reptiles at our keeper talks held throughout the day.

Some of our extra special creatures

Plus don’t miss…

lizard-200pxBearded Dragon: Teddy, our lovely lizard, was donated to us by a pet shop after he’d served his time in a breeding programme. He now lives a relaxed life with us and he’s a favourite on our Meet the Reptiles tours. “He’s really placid”, commented one of the Keepers. “He loves eating wax worms and anything else that moves!” These creatures are originally from the Australian desert.

magpieRed Billed Blue Magpies: These radiant beauties are usually found in India and have gorgeous long tails and vivid colouring. The female, Cherry Pie, came from a private collection. She has a deformed leg which makes her unsuitable for breeding projects. Her handsome partner, Homity Pie, came from a local animal park and was donated to us to keep Cherry company. These birds are very inquisitive and love to sing. Their call can sound like a rattle or a whistle. They’re members of the crow family.