Meet the monkeys

Our cheeky monkeys, lazy lemurs and singing gibbons are all housed in large, spacious enclosures. We give each animal everything they need to ensure that that they stay happy and healthy – that might be a waterfall, climbing frame, or lots of foliage to play around in. Our diverse primate collection is the largest on the Isle of Wight and each species is fascinating to watch. You’ll love discovering their unique personalities.

Some of our star monkeys

Plus don’t miss…

barbary-macaque-200x133Barbary Macaques: In 2013, we welcomed six very noisy Barbary Macaques to the Haven. They were rescued from the illegal pet trade in and around Europe, and all came with dreadful stories of neglect and torture. After being restored to good health by the Netherlands charity AAP, these monkeys made the long journey to the Island. Come and watch these playful creatures running around, chilling out and grooming.

tirana-200Black and White Colobus: These beauties get on so well – you’d never guess that they were outcasts at their previous homes. Visitors love their fancy black and white coats – sadly, in the wild, their fur makes them a target for poachers. Their tails are sought after as they’re used as fly swatters, and their fur is used for clothing.
cottom-top-tamarin-200Cotton Top Tamarins: We have a female and two males – Mary, Midge and Mungo – who were rescued from a private collection. The neglectful owner had over 150 bird cages, stacked up in their front room, with an animal in each of them. Many were dead, some died on route to the rescue centre, and others were put to sleep because of medical problems. Our resilient little monkeys were saved. These fluffy haired creatures now have a spacious enclosure and lead stress-free lives.
langurs-200Javan Langurs: These mischievous primates are always up to something. We have two males – and they’re double trouble! Tonka is nicknamed Abraham Lincoln, due to a curious resemblance to the former American President. Wheat is his partner in crime, and famous for his groovy orange colour and very cool hairstyle. They live with two sweet sisters, Macazive and Treacle, who were both unwanted by a wildlife park. These monkeys eat lots of leafy plants – and can’t stand bananas!
red-bellied-200Red Bellied Tamarins: These mini monkeys are also known as ‘white lipped tamarins’ as they have moustache-like white fur on their lip and nose. In the wild, they live in the Amazon rainforest, where their habitat is under threat from deforestation. They have lots of different calls, some of which are too high for us to hear. They also communicate using scents. Brother and sister Panama and Penquini came to us from the private collection of the Aspinall Foundation, an animal conservation centre.
djebra-200Red Tailed Guenon: Handsome Djebra lived in the wild, until he was snatched by poachers. He spent eight years in Israel, as somebody’s pet, until he was discovered by the authorities and sent off to join a breeding programme. Unfortunately that didn’t work out so well. Due to his upbringing, Djebra thinks he’s a person, not a monkey, and likes to wash his food and even eat with a spoon! He now lives, very happily, with the Colobus monkeys.
squirrel-200Squirrel Monkeys: In 2015 we took in five gorgeous Squirrel Monkeys – two very elderly ladies who used to be pets and three young lads who were unwanted by a zoo. They’re not just pretty faces – they’re one of the smartest monkeys around, with bigger brains that you’d expect for their small body size. They’re also great at climbing and use their long tails to help them balance when they’re swinging around. These characters are a very cheeky addition to the Haven family and loved by us all.