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Monkey Haven is a rescue centre and sanctuary for primates and birds of prey who are in desperate need of care and attention. The animals have come to us for various reasons – they may have been bullied within their original groups, rescued from the illegal pet trade, or unsuitable for breeding programmes. Some of our raptors are injured native birds that would be unable to fend for themselves in the wild. We give these animals another chance to live enriched, carefree lives in a relaxed and tranquil environment. We opened in April 2010, and continue to expand and develop, so that we can re-home and rehabilitate more and more animals in need of our care.

Don feeding our Siamangs Bog and Xhabu

Don feeding our siamangs Bog and Xhabu

Well, that’s just the way it happened! In the 1980s, our founder Don Walser looked after rescued birds of prey in his back garden, and was involved in breed-and-release projects for endangered Barn Owls. One day he was offered a family of Marmosets… and the combination of birds and monkeys has stuck ever since (with a few reptiles added into the mix). When Don started to run out of space in his back garden, he set to work creating a dedicated and contemporary animal sanctuary on the Isle of Wight. And so here we are! Monkeys, owls… and more.

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