Monkey Mania – the short version

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People often ask us, ‘How did you start Monkey Haven?’

Here’s the short answer…
In 1999, our Founder, Don Walser, bought a muddy field on the Isle of Wight. He started planning a haven for rescued monkeys and birds of prey. Everyone thought he was mad, but he showed them! With the help of friends, family, and countless supporters, he turned it into an award winning animal sanctuary. There were a few thrills and spills along the way, and it took everyone to the brink, but this is a story with a fairytale ending. Since opening in 2010, Monkey Haven has rescued hundreds of creatures in need, from tiny songbirds to the mighty Siamangs. We’ve also won prestigious awards from VisitEngland, including a Gold Award, and we’re in the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame. This is a fun place. We make animals happy and people happy. Come and see for yourself!

The full amazing story…
If you’ve got a bit longer, then find out how we battled through money worries, personal crises and extreme highs and lows, to rescue primates and other creatures from lives of misery. It’s a rollercoaster of a read, so hang onto your hats!
> Read the longer version.

Only got 60 seconds?
Check out this time lapse video showing the creation of the Barbary Macaque enclosure – in reality it took a year (and over £50,000!)