Fruit & veg A-peel

//Fruit & veg A-peel

Fruit & veg A-peel

Our monkeys get through over a trolley load of fruit and veg every week – and now, we’re asking for your help to feed our gorgeous guzzlers.

We are calling on all gardeners to dig deep… and support our Fruit & Veg A-peel.

Perhaps you could donate some spare carrots from your garden. Or bring us your broccoli. Or a bundle of yummy herbs, as the animals love the smell, and we use it to liven up their meals.

If you don’t know what to do with your home grown goodies then please, please drop them into us! Veg is particularly in demand, as it’s low in sugar and so doesn’t cause tooth decay. Our animals like it as fresh as possible – they’re very fussy, but what can you do??

Monkeys can easily eat up to 10 portions a day, and they like it served up all kinds of ways – baked into ‘cakes’, hidden inside toys, strung up into ‘kebabs’ and frozen into lollies.

Don Walser, Founder of Monkey Haven, says: “We grow our own fruit and veg, but the animals still want more! We would really appreciate your donations. It doesn’t matter how nobbly your carrots are, or how odd your onions look, our rescued animals will love them. We’re a charity and your donations will help to support the work that we do providing a happy, loving home for animals in crisis.”

Strangely one of the only things that the animals can’t eat is rhubarb – as it makes them sick.

You can also support Monkey Haven by:

Our bills this year are particularly high. Many of our animals are getting old and don’t like the cold weather, so our heating costs are astronomical. Vet and dentistry costs are also sky high, but this isn’t something that we can compromise on. Our animals deserve the very best care, particularly as many suffered great trauma before we gave them a happy home.

All the money you spend with us goes back into caring for the animals you’ll meet – and any help and support that you can offer us, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.

Thank you xxx

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