A big welcome to two monkeys… and a pig!

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A big welcome to two monkeys… and a pig!

We’re pleased to welcome two new monkeys to the Monkey Haven family – plus their squeaky toy pig! Djimmy and Buna are two gorgeous Cherry-Crowned Mangabeys, brought together to live happily ever after at Monkey Haven.

Djimmy was found wandering along a busy road in Germany. Nobody really knew what to do with him, so he was sent to a cat and dog rescue shelter, where he was left in isolation for seven years. When the primate rescue charity AAP heard of his plight, they rescued him and began the slow process of rehabilitation. He was given a toy pig to bond with and now it’s never out of his sight. As soon as we saw a photo of this guy, we said: “We’ve got to have him!”.

Buna was born in Barcelona Zoo, where she was the lowest ranking in her group. The AAP were looking for a partner for Djimmy and the Zoo agreed that Buna could be a perfect match and released her into the charity’s care. The two hit it off immediately.

They are very calm in each other’s company, and Djimmy even shares his precious pig with her sometimes.

Keeper Terri Mae says: “We’re all so in love with these two! Djimmy looks so cute playing with his pig, and it makes a squeak just like he does! He’s still showing signs of the trauma he’s suffered, as he’s got bald patches where he’s been pulling out his own fur, but we hope that this will stop as he’s so chilled now. You’ve got to come and see them soon. They’re such special monkeys and it’s the first pig we’ve ever had at Monkey Haven!”

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