Wow! 1, 2, 3 groovy Grivets

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Wow! 1, 2, 3 groovy Grivets

We are so happy to welcome these groovy girls to Monkey Haven. Just look at them! Not 1. Not 2. But 3 gorgeous Grivets, also known as African Green Monkeys. We love everything about them – their fluffy sideburns, playful nature and even the way they eat bugs.

Our newbies were donated to us by the AAP, an animal rescue charity based in the Netherlands. Safa was confiscated in Spain and attempts were made to integrate her into two different zoos, but she never settled.

Violetta was discovered in a pet shop. Someone bought her out of pity and kept her as a pet for six years. She lived with the family, slept in their house, and was taken for walks on a lead. When they went to the local park, she was allowed to run free, until people started complaining. Violetta was well cared for, but monkeys make unpredictable pets and as she hit puberty, she started to become violent and uncontrollable, biting her owners until they realised that they could no longer look after her.

Atu was born at the AAP. Sadly her mum abandoned her, so the APP put her with Safa and Violetta and helped the trio to bond.

Keeper Terri Mae says: “We love these little ladies and we’re in the process of helping them settle in with the rest of the Grivet gang. Come and see them soon – and you’ll fall in love with them. We’re all head over heels!”

Pictured above: Violetta (close up), Atu (side view), Safa (crouching)

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