1, 2, 3 – it’s time for tea!

//1, 2, 3 – it’s time for tea!

1, 2, 3 – it’s time for tea!

We’re up to all kinds of things in Xhabu’s Tea Room – so come and visit us soon for a cuppa and a slice of something yummy. Here are three new exciting changes for summer 2018…

1. Our lads have been hard at work putting up parasols, so that you can dine al fresco in this gorgeous weather. Tuck into something tasty from the Tea Room – or bring your own picnic. Or maybe just get an ice cream and sit down and relax for a few minutes and listen to the sounds of the animals around you.

2. We’re in the process of going palm oil free – which is soooo much harder than you can imagine! Right now, we’re palm oil free wherever possible and if there aren’t any practical substitutes, then we will only use products made with sustainable palm oil. Our shop is also going palm oil free.
Huge chunks of the rainforest are cut down to grow the crops that make palm oil, putting all kinds of creatures at risk. As their forest habitat is cleared, endangered species such as the orangutan, move closer to extinction. The oil is used in just about everything from cleaning fluids to cosmetics and a huge range of foods.

3. We’re also ditching plastic straws, and have moved to paper straws instead. They’re better for the environment and retro cool. We love them!

Come and check out the changes soon! If you have any feedback, then we’d love to hear from you.

All proceeds from the Tea Room will help us to care for the animals you’ll meet at Monkey Haven – thank you so much for your support. xx

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