Special talk times

11.30am: What are Macaques?
12.30pm: How primates communicate
1.30pm: How to protect Macaques thanks to conservation education
2.30pm: Demo with the Barbary Macaques

Clear your diaries for Saturday 6th May – as we’re hosting a special Open Day for ‘Monkey University’.

Boffins from the University of Portsmouth will be in town to tell us all about their research with our very clever monkeys. Dr Bridget Waller and her team from the Department of Psychology have been studying our Macaques for their Macaque Cognition Project. These brainy monkeys share up to 93 per cent of our DNA and research shows that they can recognise other monkey faces and even play the childhood game of Snap! They’re super fast at matching images – that’s one of our Macaques in action in the picture above.

There will be a quiz, raffle, games and fun talks (see the schedule above). Plus don’t miss the demo at 2.30pm where you’ll be able to see for yourself just how smart the monkeys are, by watching them using touch-screen technology that tests their decision making… although that’s assuming that they don’t try and eat the computer instead, just for a laugh! Their participation is entirely voluntary, but they all want to play the games, as they’re fun, and there might be a raisin it in for them, if all goes well.

Monkey Haven’s Founder, Don Walser, commented: “This will be a great day out, and part of the International Macaque Week celebrations taking part around the world. So come and join us – it’s the smart thing to do on Saturday 6th May.”