It’s good to be green!

Many of the animals in our care are considered threatened species in the wild. Deforestation and intensive cultivation are contributing to the destruction of their habitats, and, as a sanctuary dedicated to the health and welfare of captive animals, we are committed to promoting awareness of their plight, and protecting and preserving animals in the wild. This means that our team is proud to be green!

The following eco initiatives have been implemented around Monkey Haven:

  • All the timber used in the buildings has been sourced from sustainable forests.
  • Cedar shingles on the roofs of our heated buildings have superior thermal insulation properties to limit energy loss.
  • The soft mulch substrate in our play areas is made from 100% recycled aircraft tyres.
  • To promote waste recycling, we work with multiple national supermarkets who provide us with fresh produce that by law is no longer suitable for humans (but absolutely fine for monkeys and ideal for their diets!).
  • More fresh fruit and veg is grown on-site for our primates.
  • Water butts are found throughout the Haven and the rainwater collected is used to sustain our vegetable patches and decorative plant-life.
  • All cardboard waste is taken to a nearby recycling depot on the Isle of Wight.
This is a really nice small scale zoo. It is well laid out with lots of benches ideally positioned to just sit and watch the very entertaining monkeys. Most of the animals have been rescued from bad situations. There is also a very good cafe and a couple of children’s play areas. The best animal attraction on the Isle of Wight.
Bolgey, TripAdvisor