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We're a happy home for rescued monkeys, birds of prey and many more exotic creatures - come and meet the animals at our sanctuary on the Isle of Wight.

Pig out this half term at Monkey Haven

Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year - and this October half term, the Keepers have come up with a 'zombie pig' theme, as a tribute to rescue monkey Djimmy's treasured toy pig. The crazy concept is that throughout the week, that runs from Saturday 20th October to Sunday 28th October, Djimmy's [...]

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Coming up: Lulu’s birthday!

It's Lulu's birthday on Thursday 27th September 2018 Our cheeky mama Capuchin will soon be 19 years old! We'll be hosting a little party with treats and a healthy cake for Lulu and her family to share. If you would like to buy lovely Lulu a birthday pressie, then please click here to choose a [...]

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Ta da! We unveil our awesome new vid!

It's a wrap! Student Ellie Wickes, pictured above, has just finished making our brilliant new promo video, using drone footage taken over the park - and you can be one of the first to see it by clicking on the link below. Talented Ellie is just 15, and studying for her GCSEs, [...]

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Whooooo’s getting a new home then?

Thank you to everyone who's contributed to our Aviary Appeal, we're a charity and appreciate every penny that you donate to us. As you can see, we're well underway with the building of a swanky new des res for our pampered birds. The new double aviary (which is almost complete) will allow us to have [...]

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Don’t they grow up fast..?

This little sweetie was born in May - in the first picture, above, he was just days old. In the second picture, it shows how much he's sprouted over the past two months, as he's nearly the same size as his mum, Sandy, a Eurasian Eagle Owl. The owlet lives with his mum and dad, [...]

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1, 2, 3 – it’s time for tea!

We're up to all kinds of things in Xhabu's Tea Room - so come and visit us soon for a cuppa and a slice of something yummy. Here are three new exciting changes for summer 2018... 1. Our lads have been hard at work putting up parasols, so that you can dine al fresco in [...]

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Little update on Don

Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes, following our founder Don Walser's heart attack in May. We're delighted to report that Don is recovering extremely well, at home on the Isle of Wight. He's taking it easy - doctor's orders - so while he's putting his feet up, his Wood Turning Lodge at Monkey [...]

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Cute alert! Meet our baby Barn Owls

Fly on by to Monkey Haven where we're caring for a pair of adorable Owlets. Check out the pictures above - and watch the cutest ever vid, below, showing one of the owlets in action! Wisp and Casper the Barn Owls were born at the Haven at the end of June, after we successfully incubated [...]

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Another TripAdvisor triumph – thanks everyone!

We are delighted to report that we've maintained our position in TripAdvisor's Hall of Fame, after receiving a Certificate of Excellence every year for the past five years! That's all thanks to YOU taking the time to write your lovely reviews. We appreciate all feedback - thanks so much for your support xx

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Fruit & veg A-peel

Our monkeys get through over a trolley load of fruit and veg every week - and now, we're asking for your help to feed our gorgeous guzzlers. We are calling on all gardeners to dig deep... and support our Fruit & Veg A-peel. Perhaps you could donate some spare carrots from your garden. Or bring [...]

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Wow! New adoption bundles

Fancy getting your hands on some Monkey Haven merch - and helping our animals at the same time? Then look no further than our new adoption packages. They're 100% awesome, and all proceeds will go towards the care of our gorgeous animals. Check 'em out now, from just £10 for a junior adoption, up to [...]

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Get the #happyapp & win free family tickets

Have you checked out our new free App yet? You can go on a banana trail around the park, get the goss on your favourite animals, and take your own souvenir selfies. The pictures above were taken by our crazy Keepers! We’re going to be giving away free family tickets for our favourite Appy snaps, [...]

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Say hello to two new black and white beauties

We are so excited to welcome these two gorgeous Colobus monkeys, kindly donated by an animal park when they rehomed their collection. Ulna (pictured above, holding food) and her daughter Thumbelina (shown in close-up) are now settling into life at Monkey Haven, sharing a home with sweet Praia... and Djebra the Red-Tailed Guenon, who was [...]

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We reopen on Sat 10 Feb – come and see us soon!

We're sooo excited to reveal that we'll be opening at 10am on Saturday 10th February after our little winter break. We'll be staying open every day from then on, throughout the spring, summer and autumn! We've been hard at work getting everything ready for our visitors, cleaning, powerhosing, redecorating, you name it. We've also been [...]

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Double trouble

We're celebrating two new arrivals at Monkey Haven. Malou has given birth to a healthy baby Capuchin and Maya joins the Squirrel Monkeys, after being rescued by the AAP.

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Exciting news – Malou’s going to be a mummy!

The Keepers at Monkey Haven are delighted, and just a tad shocked, after discovering that Malou the Capuchin is pregnant! Check out the evidence - you can see the X-Ray above which clearly shows a baby monkey in her tum! We've kept it under wraps for the past couple of weeks, while her health was [...]

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Baby love

Just look at this little sweetie! The Common Marmoset was born at the Haven on 29th June, but sadly abandoned by his parents after their initial attempts at feeding him were unsuccessful. We tried several times to reunite them, without any luck. His life hung in the balance, until our caring Head Keepers, Terri and [...]

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Wow! 1, 2, 3 groovy Grivets

We are so happy to welcome these groovy girls to Monkey Haven. Just look at them! Not 1. Not 2. But 3 gorgeous Grivets, also known as African Green Monkeys. We love everything about them - their fluffy sideburns, playful nature and even the way they eat bugs. Our newbies were donated to us by [...]

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Excellent news!

We are delighted to announce that we've been awarded a highly desirable Certificate of Excellence, for the seventh year running. Our 2017 award is thanks to the "consistently great reviews" that we've received on TripAdvisor from our lovely visitors, who've put us in the No 1 spot for the Island for the past two years. [...]

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A big welcome to two monkeys… and a pig!

We're pleased to welcome two new monkeys to the Monkey Haven family - plus their squeaky toy pig! Djimmy and Buna are two gorgeous Cherry-Crowned Mangabeys, brought together to live happily ever after at Monkey Haven. Djimmy was found wandering along a busy road in Germany. Nobody really knew what to do with him, so [...]

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